Welcome to Human Extension, the blog of Gregory Sandstrom,

Canadian sociologist & philosopher of science based in Vilnius, Lithuania

This blog began in 2014 to gather short papers, summaries, reviews and news including updates, observations, challenges, criticisms, questions and support for the book Human Extension: An Alternative to Evolutionism, Creationism and Intelligent Design (Palgrave Macmillan 2014). Since then, a small follow-up book “Evolution’s Puzzle in the Social Sciences and Humanities: On the Limits and Possibilities of Scientific Explanation” was published by the European Humanities University Press (2015), co-authored with Dr. Andrey V. Rezaev. The third main book on Human Tension to complete the trilogy is now in its final stages after a research period and interview in December 2016.


Currently the blog hosts various topics related to extension, including 2 recent ones dedicated to the British Royal Society’s 2016 “New Trends” meeting, in which it explored the meaning and function of an ‘extended evolutionary synthesis’. This site will be the location of audio uploads for the culmination of the project I’ve worked on and off since 2013 on evolution in the social sciences and humanities and the counter-concept or alt-eVo term ‘human tension’. The audio editing is nearing completing and the final product will hopefully soon be shared with colleagues before public release 2017/2018.


To fill in the academic and life story visually, an image mosaic has been added to document some of my travels and professional activities. More information about the blog’s creator & author and several releated academic papers can be found here: http://ehu-lt.academia.edu/GregorySandstrom

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed at Human Extension are the author’s and do not necessarily state or reflect those of affiliated institutions.

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