The Social Epistemology of Human Extension – Presentation

Video Presentation by your blog’s host starts at: 30:55

Conference: Future Fundamentals of Social Epistemology

Session Title: Humanity 2.0 and the Extended Humanities

Co-moderators: Gregory Sandstrom and David Budtz Pedersen

Venue: Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Date: July 30, 2014

Title: “The Social Epistemology of Human Extension”

Session Abstract:

Extended cognition is the hypothesis that the reach of the mind need not end at the boundaries of the human body. Tools, instrument, technologies and other physical and social infrastructures can under certain conditions count as parts of human cognitive activity. The separation of mind, body, and environment has been imperative throughout the philosophical tradition. Yet, external objects play a significant role in facilitating cognitive processes. Directions written down in a notebook or on a digital device can serve the function of memory. In the not so distant future, one may imagine a biological being that retains information in non-neural ways (e.g. prosthetics to support memory). In this way, cognition is extended into the world through different media. This panel unravels the major challenges involved in understanding the complementarity between internal and external elements of cognition. Instead of focusing exclusively on physical devices, panel speakers are invited to reflect upon the social and human basis for extended cognition. In which ways do libraries, art collections, digital media and social networks constitute human extensions? And in which ways can we understand the object of study in the humanities and social sciences as a product of extended humanity? In order to investigate these questions, the panel comprises three short papers complemented by a collective experiment, in which the results of a series of audio interviews will be presented and discussed interactively during the session. Sessional Presentations by: Dr. Georg Theiner (Villanova University) – “The Human Mind 1.x, Extended” Dr. David Budtz Pedersen (Copenhagen University) – “Extending Humanities: From Cognitive Science to Digital Humanities” Dr. Francis Remedios (Independent Researcher) – “Evaluation of Extended Humanities”

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