On Extending Around the Globe

Here is a collection of photos from the author of Human Extension practicing the art/science/lifeworld of extending around the globe. These represent some of the author’s travels in recent years. 

London, England

Quebec City, Canada

Flushing Meadow, New York, USA

 Harvey Mountain, British Columbia, Canada

Barcelona, Spain

St. Petersburg, Russia

Moscow, Russia (with Lev N. Tolstoy)

St. Peterburg, Russia


Moscow, Russia (with Friedrich Engels)

 White Rock, Canada (with Haida Totem)

Agra, India (Taj Mahal)

Traku, Lithuania

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Tequila, Mexico

Vilnius, Lithuania (Freedom Bell, Siemas – Parliament)

Nida, Lithuania 


Lviv, Ukraine (IV Lviv Sociological Forum)


Krakow, Poland (with Nicholas Copernicus)


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